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Tones on the Stones è entrata a pieno merito nella seconda fase di selezione per il FEDORA Prize con la candidatura di una versione originale del Macbeth di G. Verdi.
L'opera verrà realizzata in co-produzione con La Fura dels Baus e Close-Act

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Macbeth is the first chapter of a bigger project by Tones on the Stones (ToTS) which includes one Opera in 2020 - Macbeth and one Musical Theatre event in 2021 - The Witch Hunt.

Macbeth is the "transformation" of the classic opera Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi and a completely new production which aims to open a challenging dialogue between artists and the public on the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for its own sake in past and present times alike.

The project takes place in a quarry that becomes an unexpected amazing stone theatre able to modify content and perception. The public is not in front of the stage, rather, it is inside the stage as the arena allows a natural total immersion.

Macbeth is performed by using a contemporary dark, post-apocalyptic language. Immersive and interaction techniques are adopted.
Lady Macbeth, the most aberrant and perverse character is studied by the women artists behind this project: the Opera's orchestra conduction, video choreography, costumes, elements' design, who ends up to be the real protagonist of the play. Side by side with the Dark Lady, the Witches rule the drama.

ToTS established for Macbeth a collaboration with La Fura dels Baus and Close-Act. The first co-produce the Opera and brings in its peculiar “Furan language”, its unique style and aesthetic which it has already implemented in large-scale performances. The second one contributes to the spectacular aspects of the event by providing its powerful black figures on stilts with black-silver wings, their flying creatures and mobile objects.

Artistic Team

Àlex Olle - Macbeth Artistic Director (La Fura dels Baus)
Anna Frigo - Video Scenographer (Studio Vertov)
Jessica Cottis - Conductor