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Tones on the Stones - NEXTONES ha superato la prima fase di selezione del premio FEDORA per la produzione di un nuovo spettacolo di musica elettronica.
La direttrice del Festival che porta la contemporaneità in montagna (VCO - regione Piemonte) è Maddalena Calderoni.

Per accedere alla terza fase, ci serve ora un tuo voto!
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The End Of The World is the latest composition from the innovative pianist Lubomyr Melnyk, a piece that celebrates the beauty of the Nature and worries about the ecological disaster the planet Earth will be facing.
This piece relates to the possible “final disaster of the world's end, where the temperatures of the oceans keep rising to the point that all humans and most life in general dies out... and the world itself dies. The music conveys the tragedy of this colossal event, and while the music itself contains such themes, the instrument of the piano is just not enough to carry this heavy topic as we need to reproduce all the sonic spectrum..”

To achieve the full dramatic impact this opera is conceived as a multimedia immersive experience with the digital artists on stage playing with "wearable controllers" (a custom glove-synth developed by Remidi) for audiovisual interaction with sound and images, while the sonic spectrum and this rather short piano piece will be turned into something very much bigger: a full length opera-concert with different and various sections (around 75’).
Large scale projections made also by the visual artist Geso on the walls of the stunning marble quarries of Verbania together with mobile lights and LEDs, combined and perfectly synchronised with the music, will create a strong multi-sensorial experience.

At NEXTONES, the primordial strength of the stone theater, deeply marked by the action of man, returns an energy that amplifies the End Of The World's contents.

Artistic Team

Daniel Tomat (Spime.IM) - Composer
Gabriele Ottino (Spime.IM) - Sound Designer
Pablo Iglesias Algora (Geso) - Video Artist
Stefano Maccarelli - Video Artist
Julia Kent - Musician
Lubomyr Melnyk - Musician